Insuring Recreational Vehicles

Beyond cars and trucks, many families have added recreational vehicles to enhance the enjoyment of their spare time. If you own a boat, ATV, personal watercraft, motorcycle, or other vehicle designed for "fun", you should understand they too, should be insured.

The Need For Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Just like your car or truck, recreational vehicles can be damaged and cause damage. They could be stolen or be involved in incidents that cause personal injury. These are all reasons that your ATV, boat, or other vehicle designed for recreation should be properly insured. Many also need to be transported via trailer to a site they will be enjoying, placing them at risk while on the road.

Use By Others

It may not always be the best decision, but these vehicles are meant to be enjoyed. They are often shared with family and friends during weekends or holidays. It is not uncommon for a more inexperienced driver to be behind the wheel of an ATV, personal watercraft, or boat. This can increase the potential for damage or injury. Will you be adequately covered?

Your Buford, GA Area Recreational Insurance Specialists

Not only can you count on Town & Country Insurance to insure your home or auto, but we can review your policies to make sure your “toys” are covered as well. While it is true that there may be some protection for these vehicles under your homeowners or auto insurance, that is not always the case.

Town & Country Insurance in Buford, GA can help you fill in any gaps in coverage. If you presently own or are considering the purchase of a boat, ATV, motorcycle, or other vehicle, contact us for a review and price quote. We look forward to assisting you.