When Should I Think About Adding to My Homeowners Insurance Coverage?

Having homeowners insurance for your Buford, GA home is very important. It means that you have covered against the possible uncertainties. However, just like any other insurance policy, homeowners’ plans are limited to some instances. In such situations, you need to consider adding to your existing plan. Town & Country Insurance gives some tips on when to add to your home insurance plan.

New Home Improvements

Many people consider home improvement after every five years. If you happen to improve your house with some new additions, you need to add to your existing home insurance policy. This will help you to cover the new additions that you have made to your property. 

After Buying Artworks and Antiques

Most of the standard homeowners’ insurance will not cover artwork and antiques. These are high-value items that most insurance companies will not be willing to replace or repair. However, you need to cover them as well with a new insurance policy. The only way you can do this is by adding a new insurance policy. 

Jewelry Additions

Basic home insurance does not cover more than $1,000 of jewelry. If you have bought some new jewelry, there is no doubt that it will not cover by your homeowners’ insurance. Get addition to protect your new valuable items.

Furniture Upgrades

Furniture is covered by homeowners insurance. However, when you have some improvement on some of your furniture, you need to notify your insurance company so that you can adjust your coverage limit. However, you can consider adding your homeowners’ insurance to cater to the upgraded value of your furniture. 

Consult Insurance Professionals

Adding your homeowners’ insurance is very complex. That is why you need consultancy services from insurance professions. Town & Country Insurance is your one-stop insurance company in Buford, GA. Consult us today for tips on when you need to add to your existing home insurance.