Required Recreational Vehicle Insurance in Georgia

With so much to see and do in Georgia, an RV road trip is sure to be an unforgettable experience. For stress-free travels, make sure you have adequate RV insurance to protect you against breakdowns and accidents. At Town & Country Insurance in Buford, GA, we’ll ensure you have the right insurance coverage to meet Georgia requirements and your personal travel needs.

Mandatory RV Insurance in Georgia

By law, Georgia requires RV drivers to carry minimum liability insurance to pay for injuries or damage to others in accidents they cause. If you cause an accident that sends another driver to the hospital or totals his car, your liability coverage will help pay for his medical bills and loss of property so you don’t suffer financial loss.   

As RVs can cause a lot of damage in an accident, you’d do well to obtain more than just minimum coverage to protect your assets against serious accidents you may cause.

Additional Coverage

Liability RV insurance is mandatory in Georgia to protect other drivers. Additional coverage in the form of collision, comprehensive or uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM) to protect your vehicle against accidental damage is optional.  

Collision insurance pays for repairs to your RV if you collide into another vehicle or object such as a tree or wall.

Comprehensive insurance covers damage caused by non-collision accidents such as falling objects, hail or striking an animal on the road. If your RV is stolen, comprehensive coverage will compensate you for its current market value.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage helps pay for your medical expenses or RV damage if you’re hit by a driver with insufficient or no insurance coverage, which is more common than people imagine.  

For more information about RV insurance and the protection, it has to offer, call or visit us at Town & Country Insurance in Buford, GA.