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Umbrella Insurance in Georgia

Umbrella insurance is a policy that offers protection against catastrophic losses. It provides additional liability coverage that covers you if your liability goes beyond the limits of your other policies.

This would protect you from major claims. If you were held liable for an automobile accident, for instance, for more than your auto insurance liability limit, an umbrella policy would cover the difference.

An umbrella policy also provides coverage that may not be covered by your other policies, for things like major damages due to libel or slander.

The policy can add liability coverage for things like someone being hurt by falling at your home, or your dog causing damage. It could even cover damage caused by your child while at school. In addition to the libel and slander protection, it can also protect you from malicious prosecution or any personal liability situation.

These policies are not for everyone. Generally experts say they are a good idea if your assets are more than $1 million. An umbrella policy could come in handy if you were a few weeks away from retirement, and were liable for major damages. You could lose your entire retirement savings as the result of a major accident.

For normal liability situations, your regular policies will take care of any losses you may have caused, but they all have limits. If you are ruled liable for losses, you will still be responsible for the debt if it goes beyond your insurance limits.

These type policies are also a good idea for people who have a lot of assets. Often people will sue for more if they think a person has a lot of money. The main thing the policy offers is peace of mind.

Visit your independent insurance agents in Buford, Georgia to learn more. Agents at Town & Country Insurance in Buford can help you determine what umbrella type coverage you may need.

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