How Does My Commercial Insurance Coverage Work When Employees Use Their Own Vehicles?

Business owners in the greater Buford, GA area can rely on the professional agents at Town & Country Insurance to help them meet all of their commercial insurance needs. We understand that it can sometimes be tricky to navigate the world of commercial insurance. There are a lot of options and it isn’t always clear exactly what the appropriate coverage may be. This is especially true when it comes to employees using their own vehicles for company business. Our agents are here to review the relevant information with you today.

What You Need to Know About Employees’ Vehicle Use

Most insurance policies operate on an "excess" basis when it comes to non-owned vehicles. This means that if your employee is involved in an accident, in their own vehicle, while on company business, their insurance will provide the primary coverage. Anything covered that is in excess of their policy is then the responsibility of the company. You can avoid this problem by requiring your employees to carry an appropriate level of coverage on their own policy. It also makes sense to have an enforced policy in place that stipulates who is and is not permitted to drive their personal vehicle for work-related tasks. We also recommend that if your business model calls for the use of employee-owned vehicles that you consider an umbrella policy to cover the increased liability exposure. 

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