Getting Your Recreational Vehicles Ready for Spring

At Town & Country Insurance, we see firsthand all the effort our neighbors put into winterizing their RVs, ATVs, dune buggies, and other recreational vehicles. According to Camping World, most RV owners neglect preparing their vehicles for spring. That may extend to smaller vehicles like ATVs and dune buggies, too, so we put together this blog of tips for getting your recreational cars ready for spring use in and around Buford, GA.

Test Safety Features Before Use

After sitting parked for months, your RV needs its safety mechanisms examined and tested before you hit the road. Test each alarm or detector for proper function and test their batteries. If you find a dead or dying battery in your fire alarm, smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, or LP gas detector, replace it immediately. Examine your fire extinguisher, too.

Run a Check of All Major Systems

On RVs and smaller vehicles, test the electrical systems and tires. Examine the propane or butane system on the RV, including its seals. Check for leaks before putting the system to use.

Inspect the battery connections and fluid levels on every vehicle, then charge the battery. Run a diagnostic on your RV generator and check its air filter. Replace a dirty filter.

Water and Waste Tanks

Your RV’s water and waste tanks need a new anode rod. Repressurize your system using a hose or a full water tank and water pump. Flush out all the winter antifreeze by running the faucets and shower. Flush the toilet to clean it out.

Getting Ready to Hit the Road

Clean and detail the exterior and interior of the RV or other recreational vehicles. Start your spring use of your recreational vehicles the right way. Contact Town & Country Insurance, serving Buford, GA, for RV insurance to protect your financial security while you enjoy your RV and other recreational toys.