Do I need insurance for my bicycle?

If you’re considering calling Town & Country Insurance in Buford, GA to get your bicycle covered, here’s what you need to know:

It’s Not Legally a Requisite

If you own a motorboat, a jet ski, or a dune buggy, you are required by law in Georgia to get it insured. Not so much with a bicycle. The laws about recreational insurance generally revolve around motor vehicles. This means that you don’t need insurance, legally speaking, for a kayak, a skateboard, canoe, or anything else powered by your arms and legs, and that includes a bicycle. The question of whether to insure your bicycle comes down to a personal choice rather than a legal obligation.

But It’s Not a Bad Idea

All it takes to steal a bicycle is a pair of bolt cutters. You can take the front wheel inside with you when you stop at the country store on your weekend ride, but that’s not going to stop someone from throwing it into the back of their truck and replacing the wheel sometime later. If you’re just using a cheap old bike you picked up from a thrift store to get around, then insuring it might be more trouble than it’s worth. If you’re a serious cyclist, there’s no reason not to consider getting a policy on your bike. Some sellers and manufacturers offer warranties, but these are limited in a number of ways, and typically run out in a few years.

The question simply comes down to the extent to which you care about your bicycle. If you’re serious about cycling, then there’s no reason not to call Town & Country Insurance and see what kind of bicycle coverage you can get in Buford, GA.