Will Home Insurance Cover Items In A Storage Unit?

If you have possessions locked up in a storage unit in Buford, GA, your home insurance policy does offer some protection for those items. Just about anything you own, if it’s listed in your inventory, if your premiums are paid up, is going to be covered, whether it’s in your home, in your office, in your car, or in your storage unit.

This means that if there’s a disaster or a break-in at your storage facility, you’re going to be covered by your home insurance, rather than by any insurance the storage company may carry.

That said, the insurance that your home insurer provides for off-premises items typically cuts off at a lower limit than on-premises possessions. This is usually set at around 50% unless you’re willing to buy additional insurance. 50% is usually enough, but if you have some particularly valuable items in storage, you may want to consider buying extended coverage.

You can also look into storage unit insurance if you find yourself in the process of moving or will otherwise be without home insurance for any length of time, but if your home insurance policy is active, if it’s paid up, then you don’t really have much to worry about.

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