Why Your Non-Profit May Need Commercial Insurance

There are more similarities between for-profit companies and non-profit agencies than many realize. Certainly, there are significant differences in how each is treated under the tax code, but each is usually required to produce income to reach their goals.

Town & Country Insurance in Buford, GA is pleased to be the insurance provider of choice for many business concerns in the area. We are also proud to insure multiple non-profit organizations in the Buford GA, area. If you are on the board or serve as director of a non-profit, there are many good reasons to make sure your organization is properly covered by insurance.

Why Your Non-Profit May Need Commercial Insurance

Real Estate

Like for-profit companies, non-profit organizations often have real estate holdings they are responsible for. Some may be donated; others may be purchased to serve as offices or headquarters. These properties and structures need to be protected from weather, vandalism, storm damage, and natural disasters. Content in these structures, like furniture, computers, supplies, and equipment, also needs to be protected from theft or other losses.

Liability Coverage

Non-profit organizations are not above being sued by someone who suffers an injury accident on the organization’s property. Volunteers could also suffer a slip and fall or other injury. Liability insurance for a non-profit can not only cover the cost of litigation but also cover the organization’s costs associated with any settlement or court judgment.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Non-profit board and director liability insurance helps protect those in charge of directing an organization from the ramifications of their decisions regarding the operation of the non-profit. This may be critical in recruiting and maintaining a talented board of directors.

Vehicle Insurance

Oftentimes, non-profits will rely on volunteers to use their vehicles when performing duties related to the non-profit. This can be risky should a volunteer become involved in an accident while volunteering. Commercial auto insurance can provide protection for vehicles owned by the organization and those used by volunteers.


It is unpleasant to consider that some non-profit organizations may be as prone to theft as for-profit ones. This includes theft from employees or volunteers. An appropriate policy can help protect you from these financial losses.

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Non-profit organizations may also benefit from a host of other coverage like cybercrime and security insurance, and more. Our business and commercial insurance professionals can help discuss your organization’s risks and protection options. Reach out to Town & Country Insurance for a review and quote. We are pleased to serve Buford, GA area’s businesses and the non-profit community.