What Types of Commercial Coverage Does Your Home Business Need?

Like any business, your home enterprise needs protection against unfortunate events that can deplete your business finances. At Town & Country Insurance, we’ll assess your home business and recommend appropriate insurance coverage to protect it from harm. Depending on your Buford, GA home enterprise, you may benefit from one or more of the following commercial insurance options:

Property Coverage

Home insurance is designed to protect your home and personal belongings. This may include your business office setup at home, but not your business equipment or inventory. Commercial property insurance will cover your computer, printer, scanner, filing cabinets, and other equipment your business uses at home. This same coverage will protect any inventory you have stored in your house or garage. 

Liability Coverage

If you receive clients regularly at home for business purposes, you may want commercial liability coverage to protect you against accidents. A slip and fall in your driveway could send a client to the hospital with a broken bone, leaving you responsible to pay his medical costs. Commercial liability covers this expense to protect your business profits. It also protects you against lawsuits if someone sues you for damages. Product liability protects you against injuries caused by a product your business produces or sells.

Business Interruption

Even home businesses can be affected by natural disasters. Business interruption insurance covers the loss of revenue, payroll, and other expenses if your home business has to close temporarily due to disaster damage or loss of power.  

Worker’s Comp

If your home business employs three or more part-time, full time or seasonal workers, you’re required to have worker’s comp insurance in Buford, GA by law. This coverage protects your workers from injuries sustained on the job.

To learn more about commercial insurance coverage for home businesses, contact us at Town & Country Insurance.