Umbrella insurance coverage options in Buford, GA

It is easy to find yourself in a compromising situation where you’re in an accident, and your insurance cover isn’t enough to settle the whole mess. You are forced to either take a loan or use your savings to pay off the remaining amount to avoid lawsuits. That move could render you broke and can be a huge setback.

That is why Town & Country Insurance recommends that everyone purchase umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance is an additional layer of coverage that provides extra coverage when the standard boat, home, renters, or auto insurance is depleted. It ensures that you don’t have to use your savings or take loans whenever your primary coverage is inadequate to cover all losses.

What can umbrella insurance cover?

Like we mentioned above, umbrella insurance only kicks in when your standard coverage is inadequate to cover for all the damage. Therefore, it is not self-sufficient as it cannot be used before the primary insurance policies.

That is also to mean that umbrella insurance is not limited to what coverages it can cover from home to auto and boat insurance policies. Examples include:

•    Bodily injury liability

•    Damage to property

•    Legal costs and Lawsuits

•    Medical expenses

•    Unforeseen situations like car accidents in another country

•    Negligent supervision of a minor

Umbrella insurance covers very many kinds of accidents including small everyday unexpected accidents that may not be in your home and auto policies like a friend falling and injuring themselves at your home, dog bites, a child getting hurt while playing in your compound and many other common accidents.

To learn more of what is covered under umbrella insurance, get quotes, or discuss new policies, visit us at Town & Country Insurance in Buford, GA today.