When Can You Claim Your Home Insurance?

A homeowners’ insurance policy is meant to protect you against significant financial losses that you may incur when a disaster strikes. It protects you against losses involving your home and loss of personal property. Town & Country Insurance is a leading home insurance provider in Buford, GA and is here to help you understand when you can claim your home insurance.

In an ideal world, you should be able to file a claim every time an event that is covered under the policy occurs. However, some homeowners avoid filing claims since they fear being classified as high-risk clients by the insurance providers. So, when is it advisable to file a claim?

When there is Loss of Use

Loss of use means that your residence is no longer habitable. If you are unable to live comfortably in your home due to a loss caused by covered events such as fire and hurricanes, be sure to file a claim. Your insurance provider will come in and either repair or rebuild your home in Buford, GA to make it habitable again. However, there may be certain limits on how much you can be reimbursed depending on the type of your policy.

Whenever a Liability Claim Is Filed Against You

Your standard home insurance protects you and your family members against liability claims. If a third party is injured in your home, then you may be sued for bodily injuries. Your standard home insurance policy should protect you against such claims and cover legal expenses if such cases end up in a court.

Whenever You’re Supposed to Settle Medical Bills

You should also file a claim if another person injures himself/herself on your property and you are supposed to cater for their treatment. Sometimes, medical bills can be too massive to settle from your own pocket. However, you need to keep in mind that the medical coverage only covers those people who are not living in your home.

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