Who Needs Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a smart investment, especially if you have people who are financially dependent on you. If you are wondering whether you need this type of insurance or not,  Town & Country Insurance serving Buford, GA has prepared the list of categories of people who need it most: 

  • Breadwinners. If you are a breadwinner of the family, it means that your family members depend financially on you. Therefore, if you pass away, they may have to deal with financial problems. The best way to protect them and make sure that they are able to have the same financial level of comfort after you pass away is to get life insurance. 
  • Business owners.  Life insurance helps to cover business debts. For this reason, every business owner should consider getting it. 
  • Stay-at-home parents.  According to the website Salary.com, an average salary of a stay-at-home parent is $178,000. It is a high amount to make up for if a stay-at-home parent passes away. For this reason, stay-at-home parents may need life insurance even more than working parents. 
  • Single mothers.  The statistics say that over 40% of babies in the US are born to single mothers. Many of these women do not have anyone who is able to support and help them financially. The best way for them to protect their kids is to get life insurance. 
  • Singles with no kids.  Even if you an unmarried single person, you still need life insurance. First of all, because funerals are expensive. And second, there are still people who may need financial help after your death – your parents, siblings, or nephews. 

If you realized that you belong to one of these five categories, it is time to get a life insurance policy. Town & Country Insurance serving Buford, GA and other surrounding towns is ready to answer all your questions and find a policy based on your personal and financial needs. Give us a call today to discuss the options available.