Three Optional Types of Commercial Insurance

There are some types of commercial insurance, such as commercial auto insurance, that are required for businesses. However, several types are optional. These are often important types of commercial insurance that a company needs to have the proper protection. There are many types of insurance. The kind you get depends on what you sell and how you sell it. When you need commercial insurance, call us at Town & Country Insurance in Buford, GA.

Premises Liability 

If you have a storefront for your business, the public will enter your premises. This can open you up to a lot of liability if someone has an accident there. There are countless ways that people can get injured on any premises, even if you don’t have dangerous things to sell. Someone can easily slip and fall and have a costly injury from it. This insurance covers your liability.  

Product Liability 

If you sell a physical product, there are countless ways the item can hurt people. No matter what the product is, you need to have product liability insurance. This covers the costs that can be associated with a customer being injured by a product. This can also keep people from suing you if this does happen. Instead, they would sue your insurance company. 

Cyber Insurance 

If you use computers in your business, especially if you collect customer data, you could be liable if there is a data breach. This can be a costly problem to solve. With cyber insurance, those costs can be covered by your insurance company instead of by your business. 

Get Commercial Coverage

When you have a business, it will need certain types of protection. When you need commercial insurance policies, call us at Town & Country Insurance in Buford, GA.