Possible Penalties for Driving Without Auto Insurance in the State of Georgia

Any driver in the state of Georgia is required to have an active auto insurance policy at all times, or the driver could be faced with serious penalties. Anyone who drives without auto insurance in the state of Georgia could be charged with up to $185 in fines and could spend up to a year in jail. If you decide to drive uninsured, you could face certain consequences that could result in the suspension of your driver’s license and your vehicle’s registration.

Georgia’s Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements

If you live in Georgia, you’re required to carry liability insurance for your vehicle so that any injuries and damages related to an accident for which you’re at fault can be covered. You’ll also need to carry proof that you have a policy in place. Your vehicle must have a minimum amount for each of the following types of liability coverage:

•    A minimum per person for bodily injury coverage and a minimum for multiple people who have been involved in an accident.
•    A minimum in liability coverage for every accident that involves property damage.

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What You Could Face for Driving Without Auto Insurance

In addition to paying a fine and spending up to a year in jail, you could have your driver’s license and registration suspended. This can negatively affect your driving record. If your auto insurance policy has been terminated, you have 30 days to send an electronic notification to the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS). If you fail to send it in within that specified period, you could be faced with certain penalties.

What you could face will depend on the circumstances of your case, but you could pay a fee that could fall anywhere between $85 and $185. If you’re not able to provide adequate proof that you have an auto insurance policy, your vehicle’s registration could be suspended, and you could be faced with jail time of up to one year. The fee and time in which your driver’s license and registration can be reinstated will depend on the number of subsequent offenses, so be sure you have an active auto policy at all times. Otherwise, you could face serious consequences later on.

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