Artists and business insurance

As an artist, you may run your operation out of your home, or out of a studio. Often artists do not have a set location, but they may still need insurance. Town & Country Insurance of Buford, GA is here to help you find the right policy for your arts and crafts business. 

Liability coverage is always an issue and is the minimum you should have. This can include liability for your home, studio, and for when you are doing your art on location. If you were performing somewhere or selling hour art somewhere, you could get liability coverage for that as well.

Often the materials used for your art, especially if used for business, are excluded from your homeowners’ policy. This is where business insurance comes in. Your business insurance can cover things like musical instruments, or whatever tools you need to make your art. It could include cameras for a photographer, for example. It can also cover your supplies, and in many cases even completed work.

There may be some exclusions, so it is good to go over all these issues with a qualified agent.  You may choose from different liability levels and property amounts to get the coverage you feel you need.  Some trade shows require proof of insurance to sell your art, and we can provide that certificate as part of your coverage.

Call or visit Town & Country Insurance of Buford, GA today to learn more about getting insurance for your arts and crafts business. Each business is different, and artists do have some special cases, so it can get complicated. We can help you sort it all out and get a good policy that will protect your art and give you peace of mind, so you can get back to making art.