The Most Important Features of Recreational Insurance

There are many facets to recreational insurance coverage. Whether you live in your RV fulltime or use it mostly for road trips, insurance is a must to protect your interests. At Town & Country Insurance, we recognize the importance of getting the right insurance coverage for your vehicle. Here are some of the most important features that RV insurance has to offer.   

Liability Protection  

RV liability coverage is mandatory in Georgia, with minimum requirements being $25,000 per person for both bodily injury and property damage. If you travel frequently around Buford, GA or beyond, you should consider getting more than just minimum liability coverage. Extra liability coverage will protect your assets if you’re found liable for an accident that causes serious injuries or property damage to other motorists.

Protection for Your Vehicle

At the same time, you need protection for your own investment, especially if you’re still paying off your vehicle. Collision coverage will help pay for damages to your RV if you crash into another vehicle. This will greatly reduce the amount of money you spend out of pocket. With replacement coverage, your insurer will cover the cost of replacing your RV if it’s totaled in a crash.

If you travel a lot, you should consider comprehensive coverage as it protects you against theft and damages caused by inclement weather. You may also want uninsured motorist insurance in case you’re hit by someone who has insufficient coverage or no insurance coverage at all. You don’t want to be left footing the bill for accidents caused by others.

RV Insurance Costs

When choosing RV insurance, consider the value, age, and condition of your vehicle as well as how your RV is used. By being selective in your coverage, you can get adequate protection without straining your budget. For quality insurance protection at affordable costs, contact Town & Country Insurance in Buford, GA.